Hi, I'm Georgie
Quirky and passionate; a dog lover and avid tea
drinker who still can't win on Mario Kart.

I’m a 22 year old designer with a flair for branding, editorial and UX/UI design. I have studied graphic design for 5 years and have just graduated from University of South Wales. Since beginning design in college, my confidence both personally and creatively has grown, allowing me to explore so many opportunities and open myself up to experiences I would never have thought about before.
I consider myself to be an approachable and ambitious person. As a self confessed perfectionist, my work follows grids, neat alignments and meticulous attention to detail.
Aside from creativity, my interests include taking time to myself, usually by going on walks and watching sunsets. I love a TV drama - I’m always on the look for more recommendations! I’m a sociable character and always up for anything from casual cocktails to a game of pool.